Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wasteful Trial of Ajmal Kasab

What u would be definitely reading nowadays in the newspaper is the court room trial of the Ajmal Kasab for his role in the November 2008 Mumbai Attack, the worst ever terror attack on Indian soil. There have been statements in the press by several people siting it as a litmus test for Indian judiciary and so on. But whats disturbing the most to me is that why are the Indian Courts which have cases pending for last 10 years even entertaining such cases. What does India want to show by trailing him in court. Whose human rights are we protecting.

Does anyone has even a bit of doubt that Kasab was not involved in this massacre? Whatever has to be extracted out of him has been done by the Indian Police. He is sure not to speak any new in courts. Infact whats happening in court is that he is extending the hearing by accusing police of applying force on him. Why do we need to entertain persons demand. The case has to be dispose do off the first day. Kill the person as soon as possible. Infact the case shouldn't have come up in the courts only.

We should learn from History. If we don't remember the old one learn from recent past. Maulana Masood Azhar, u must have heard this name. He is the very person responsible for the birth of Jaish-e-Mohammad, the most dreaded militant outfit in Kashmir and one responsible for Parliament Attack in 2001. This same person was caught by Indian Police and was in Jammu Jail from 1994. And yeah it was for the same person IC 814 was hijacked from Nepal on its way to Delhi and grounded in Kandhar in 1999. Was there enough good left in the person to let him live from 1994 to 1999? Whose human rights where we protecting in not shooting that person point blank. There was no doubt in 1994 also that he was a ruthless mercenary. Then why where we waiting for his trail and judgment. A life then would have saved thousand till now. The other person in jail released in that hijack was Omar Sheikh one who funded the 9/11 attack.

The Human Rights seems here to be the greatest enemy. I cant even digest Afzal Guru being hanged? Why is Arundhati Roy so interested in him being alive? Does human rights activist strive for some cheap publicity by taking up such useless issues and hurting the country?

The court room trial of Kasab instills fear in me of other Hijack in future. Surely he in person is not a harm to India but the people connected with him surely are. I guess some times its more wise to keep Human Rights at side and act boldly.

KILL THAT A**HOLE ASAP infact any terrorist caught....