Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wasteful Trial of Ajmal Kasab

What u would be definitely reading nowadays in the newspaper is the court room trial of the Ajmal Kasab for his role in the November 2008 Mumbai Attack, the worst ever terror attack on Indian soil. There have been statements in the press by several people siting it as a litmus test for Indian judiciary and so on. But whats disturbing the most to me is that why are the Indian Courts which have cases pending for last 10 years even entertaining such cases. What does India want to show by trailing him in court. Whose human rights are we protecting.

Does anyone has even a bit of doubt that Kasab was not involved in this massacre? Whatever has to be extracted out of him has been done by the Indian Police. He is sure not to speak any new in courts. Infact whats happening in court is that he is extending the hearing by accusing police of applying force on him. Why do we need to entertain persons demand. The case has to be dispose do off the first day. Kill the person as soon as possible. Infact the case shouldn't have come up in the courts only.

We should learn from History. If we don't remember the old one learn from recent past. Maulana Masood Azhar, u must have heard this name. He is the very person responsible for the birth of Jaish-e-Mohammad, the most dreaded militant outfit in Kashmir and one responsible for Parliament Attack in 2001. This same person was caught by Indian Police and was in Jammu Jail from 1994. And yeah it was for the same person IC 814 was hijacked from Nepal on its way to Delhi and grounded in Kandhar in 1999. Was there enough good left in the person to let him live from 1994 to 1999? Whose human rights where we protecting in not shooting that person point blank. There was no doubt in 1994 also that he was a ruthless mercenary. Then why where we waiting for his trail and judgment. A life then would have saved thousand till now. The other person in jail released in that hijack was Omar Sheikh one who funded the 9/11 attack.

The Human Rights seems here to be the greatest enemy. I cant even digest Afzal Guru being hanged? Why is Arundhati Roy so interested in him being alive? Does human rights activist strive for some cheap publicity by taking up such useless issues and hurting the country?

The court room trial of Kasab instills fear in me of other Hijack in future. Surely he in person is not a harm to India but the people connected with him surely are. I guess some times its more wise to keep Human Rights at side and act boldly.

KILL THAT A**HOLE ASAP infact any terrorist caught....


  1. u know thtz wht the problem in India is everybody simply can't stand united for a cause, even if a decesion is good for india thr will always be ppl who will oppose it, India being democratic nd all....

    democratic is a good thng but thtz wht hampers us in lot of ways...
    Once thr was a chineses guy who had come to India, he had tht day itself read of ambani building a 50 flat building with helipad, gym swimming pool etc.. he asked me " whtz ur opinion abt this?" i said, "It's his money, I don't care wht he does with it." And he said "You know thtz the difference btw India and china, In china nbdy would even dare to build smthng like tht cause the social pressure over thr would be vry high demanding him not to do so, ppl thnk differently out thr."

    I felt rlly guilty aftr it has stuck to my mind...ppl don't take communalism as smthng vry bad, they respect it, njoy it nd r proud of it in china.

    all said nd done i like being in democratic country :)....

    I thnk i took intial topic too far wide off.
    uhh i ll sign off now..

  2. your comment was enlightening and so true.

    democracy can be successful with the correct attitude of people. it is sorry to say most indians have not matured enough to enjoy democracy. infact democracy leaves a lot more responsiblity on the citizens which most of us forget. even the right to vote which is more of a duty than right is neglected.

    but as u said.. it goes for me too.. i like being in a democratic country.

    hope the maturity and attitude do develop fast in we indians and also hope i contribute the most i can for a developed india.

  3. Well I agree with you but the killing them instatnly is not justified. Agreed that they are anti-social elements but the very fact that we are democratic country allows them to express their rights. The solution to this problem is our judicial system which should be more efficient. There should be a timeline which should be followed by trial courts in these cases and only supereme court should be authorized to pass its judgement.

    Talking of giving them capital punishment, what do you think should a court pass for a physchopath/sociopath?

    I may sound supporting terrorist but it is not the case, what I am suggesting is that we should look it in a different way otherwise what is the difference between a terrorist and us if we behave in such manner to them.

  4. @ shobhit
    i guess i would always find it more logical to kill a person if u guess it can save tens other.. a terrorist left alive may be a threats to hundreds other.. like the examples i have quoted above.. even in a case of physchopath ( which most terrorist are ) i guess caging him so that he doesnt harm more people is safest option.. but there have been cases with these terrorist which proves caging them for long cant be safe enough..

    i guess it becomes mandatory at some point of time to use power. i may not agree to all the force isreal us using to curb the palestanians.. but the fact remains that small country which started of with nothing 50 years ago and situated where its 7 neighbours are ready to devour it at first instance they have is one of the most developed nation technologically and economically.

    india i guess will never go to that extreme and its wrong if it ever goes but at some point of time i feel India should use a bit of power it has been hiding for long time to maintain the nation it is.

  5. So what you suggest Vaibhav, encounter every suspected terrorist point blank! Are we Al-Shabab or Al-Qaida.This is what is a civilised society. Every person has a right to be defended and to have a counsel in court. He is just being given that right. And if you suggest that it has happened in the open, then why defend him in the first place. Many things have happened openly and people have gone scot-free. Sri krishna Comission reports have still not been looked into seriously. If that is not enough cops indicted in the report have been given promotions. What about those? This is just one of the numerous cases. I dont have to mention Kandhamal or Godhra. Ajmal Kasab has evidence against him and he will be convicted, not a doubt! But if you suggest that he should be shot, then you are a hypocrite, challenging the fundamentals of a system which you claim to enjoy and support.
    As regards to Afzal Guru, law will take its course. He is on death row. There are 28 people before him with mercy petitions. So you canot fasttrack just one case.
    I dont care what you comment back because you are bound to have your views and I respect them. In fact, it was nice reading your block. But I feel the blog criticizes democratic society as a whole. So if you enjoy staying in such a society, then these are its drawbacks

  6. Hi Vaibhav.
    Its such a pity that you still hold the views you did in class 10. I absolutely agree with Manish. The more power you invest in a government, the more it can abuse those powers. You do know that the logical conclusion of such a system of government is a state of emergency where it has the power to curb any rights in the name of 'national interest'.
    And I'm not just theorizing here. You can see what has happened in Sri Lanka. The government offensive against the LTTE has cost thousands and thousands of civilian lives because the government sees all Tamils as LTTE supporters. It has ruthlessly eliminated all honest reporters by killing, abducting or arresting them if they were dared report the plight of the people.
    You support removing the rights of one person constitutionally and you're threatening everyone else's safety. Tomorrow they could come and pick you up on apprehended guilt (meaning you haven't done anything yet, but they suspect you of having intentions to..!!) and torture you in police custody tell you give a "confession" and use that against you in court to prove that you did indeed intend to commit a crime. By making statements like the one in your blog that give more autonomous powers to the police, you're supporting acts like AFSPA and POTA which can be used against anyone who dissents with the State. Looks like a state of permanent emergency sounds like the safest one in your books, where anyone can be picked up anytime, and shot 'point blank', as you say, and as the police have done in fake encounters with unarmed tribals in chhatisgarh because the cops are protected by the CPSPA.
    It's ironic you say that Kasab shouldn't be granted trial. The Mharashtra Bar threatened to boycott any lawyer who took up his case. Without a lawyer, Kasab cannot even be convicted. Taking up someone's case doesn't mean believing he is innocent. It means that every human being has the right to fair trials. Even those convicted of holocaust in Germany in the Nuremberg Trials were entitled to a fair trial. Ram Jethmalani, India's top lawyer, fought the case of Indira Gandhi's assassins because they deserved a fair trial. Like Manish says, you can't accuse someone of being a criminal because he takes lives and then advocate that the state does the same. Besides, the problem of terrorism is not removed by killing one terrorist. Just like killing one factory owner will not remove the inherent exploitative nature of capitalism where profit motive leads one class to get rich off the labour of another. Until the economic causes of dissatisfaction are removed, there will always be some reason to wage war.

  7. I think the most fair thing is to give the man a fair trial but if found guilty of serious offences then he should be hanged, rather than put away in jail, awaiting another plane to be hijacked for his rescue.

  8. @ manish and trottersky

    wat sort of fair trial doea kasab require?? infact wat sort of trial.. i am not against human rights.. i am just against its misuse.. that man has been caught on cctv, found murdering our respected senior police officers and then found running away in a stolen car from where he was caught injured. police have investigated his case, he has confessed in front of them and indian governement has got all the evidence. do we require any thing more to proove his guilt.. and then taking to courts he does all sorts of foolish things like he needs the papers in urdu, he creis sometimes and laughs sometimes, he tells he is unwell and cant stand in court for that day and most ridiculuos claims he never did anything and he is forced into confession.. i guess the court's time is very precious so that it can take up other cases where we can seriously protect human rights of other convicts.. trials of terrorist like ajmal should be over in a single hearing where he should be ordered to be hanged till death...

    and more on human rights, at point of time it becomes necessary to take some stern steps... after 9/11 govt of US issued an order than any plane found to be hijacked might be shot at with missiles and the civilians those who die in it will be given the status of country's highest martyr... now its true that those people in plane where at no guilt but would the thousands who would die if another 9/11 takes palce are at any guilt?? take KPS Gill for example, though the killed many in Punjab in 1980-1990, but now after 20 years of wiping out terrorism from Punjab, it is one of the most prosperous states of India..

  9. KPS Gill killed terrorists whoc ame to Punjab to kill people. He was a looser when he tried this in Chattisgarh. He never killed people kept on trial. See what happened in Emergency post 1975 if you have to learn something. You are a 'Hypocrite' who claim to be protectors of a great system called 'Democracy' and don't stand by the very principles of it. U stand for associations like 'Shiv Sena ' and 'Bajrang Dal' whio claim to protect our culture and will assault and grope women in Valentine's day protests.

    I have no qualms in telling you this and u r not alone . There are many in this country like u!!

  10. @ ag...
    I think u refer to Afzal Guru as I said..
    His review petitions are being heard only after which he will be hanged. That is part of the democratic process. Criticize the systema s a whole if u like!!

  11. i guess u need to refine yourself about KPS Gill and his anti terrorism tactics..( Google might help )

    yeah u are free to think and free to express, and i have no pains in it. but what i feel is that u too are not alone and there are many in our country like u, who i dont know why like the life and human rights of a terrorist soo much that they are ready to sacrifice lives of hundred other fellow countrymen..

  12. Vaibhav:
    Military oppression of movements by the State is a crude way to wipe out any dissent. IT does not tackle issues but onlt those who raise them. And don’t forget that Bindranwale was Indira Gandhi’s own creation! And what followed her “decisive” and “efficient” “flushing out” of the Khalistanis. First, she was assassinated. Then there were the gruesome anti-Sikh riots of ’84.
    You think because Punjab is a wealthy state means the people lead better lives? It has one of the highest female foeticide rates in the country! Money is not an indicator of happiness or quality of life, V! Stop seeing everything in terms of warped statistics. Especially human lives!!
    Also remember that it is very easy for the State to brand anyone it wants to eliminate as “terrorists”. Most groups only turn to armed rebellion when their demands are not addressed democratically. Or when they are marginalized by the State. And that’s a sizeable amount of the population: the poor, tribals, women, religious minorities, Kashmiris, the north eastern states. If you actually calculate the percentage that comes to, the State isn’t very pro the masses. It is only working in the interests of a small but influential elite.
    Coming back to the earlier point, armed groups are either a creation of the powers that be (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Khalistanis, LTTE, Salwa Judum, Isreal etc) or a reaction to it (Maoists, ULFA, Hamas etc). The latter only turn to armed rebellion when the State completely ignores their demands. They are a reaction to something. And it is that ‘something’ that needs to be tackled and changed. Killing those who agitate for it is convenient for the State, but in the long term it will only create more resentment amongst those who share a belief in their ideas but not their methods. In the long term, it will win them more sympathy with others who suffer like them. Those who have been killed will merely be replaced by other sympathizers until their raison d etre is understood and addressed.
    Branding them terrorists legitimizes the governments’ refusal to listen to their grievances. And of wiping them out with special laws.
    For example, the Chhatisgarh government is screwing the people over by giving their fertile, mineral-rich lands to the Tatas and Essars. When the people refuse to be forcibly removed from their lands, the government sends in the Salwa Judum to burn their houses and make them flee to “refugee camps”, so that their land is free to be given to the industrialists.
    Do you expect these villagers to support a government that only victimizes them? What great “development” have they seen over the lat 50 years? The Tatas and Jindals are only benefiting a few. And the policies of the government are making those few richer at the expense of millions of starving poor. But who cares if they suffer anyway? Only when they take to arms after years of deprivation like they did in Lalgarh does anyone sit up and take notice of them. And then they become “terrorists”.

  13. @ vaibhav

    U need to refine your knowledge and read about Selva Jedum..

  14. I don't think I or my friend ' Trotersky' needs a home-work. First read on 'What is Democracy?' and its principles and then blog on Ajmal Kasab.

  15. That post was only met by silence from Vaibhav. Maybe he's doing some thinking and re-considering. Maybe he'll find that his blind faith in the State was slightly misplaced.
    Maybe if he looks beyond his own privileged position is society, he'll see that Nationalism and patriotism are just ways to blind people to the crimes of the State.
    And maybe he'll also begin seeing things in slightly less black and white terms. Where questioning the position of the government doesn't amount to justifying the acts of terrorists. That's just what the State wants us to think. That if we don't blindly and unquesitoningly support the actions of the State, we're harbouring terrorist tendencies. That's exactly the rhetoric that the Sri Lankan government used to silence all journalism that was critical of its war in the north which was killing, maiming and displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians. That's what IG did in the emergency. That's Modi's dream in Gujarat. The vision of any fascist State is to have a population which unquestioningly works away to better the national economy and does not oppose the State in any of its policies and actions, no matter how unjust they are. Think Nazi Germany. Think Mussolini's Italy. Think Franco's Spain, Pinochet's Chile. "The trains must run on time" was Mussolini's famous quote. Even if it meant that they run on human blood.
    What he meant was that the administration must be efficient. Efficiency is a scary word. It is what capitalists use to overwork workers to maximise output. Efficiency is what owners use to lay off workers to maximise profits. A hundred percent efficiency is a mythical concept. No machine has ever achieved it. And human beings are not machines.
    The problem is with seeing human beings as mere numbers. Like commodities to be traded. Like machines which only perform certain functions. Where a faulty part(one which does not agree with the funtioning of the State) must be replaced for the better working of the rest. And whose interest is it in? Not that of the various parts of the machine, but the owner of the machine. The one for whom the machine produces a product and the one who will enjoy the profits that product will fetch him in the market. And the more profit he gets, the more he wants the machine to work.
    Ok, maybe I've strayed a bit from what I begain with. And I'm taking up all of Vaibhav's blog.
    Until later,

  16. @ag
    China isn't Communal. It's communist. There's a huuuge difference. Get the basics right at least. And who told you its something really bad? Obviously you don't know what communism is, if you confuse it with communalism. So please refrain from passing value judgments on things you know absolutely nothing about.
    Besides which, China isn't even communist anymore. When it was, it had the best public health care system in the world. And you know which country's was next best? Cuba's. Also a communist country. I'm not saying they got it all right, but at least they did some things we never achieved.
    You think its a fundamental right to build a 50 flat building with helipad, gym swimming pool etc.. if someone has the money? In a communist State, they would make sure that everyone had enough to eat and spend and had healthcare and education before a building like that was build. And it would be for everyone to enjoy, because it would be built with everyone's money.
    Do you think SEZs are a good thing? Well, China came up with them first. Not very communist, eh? Not very democratic either, since you're so proud of our democracy. None of the labour laws of the Indian Constitution apply inside an SEZ. And forcing people out of their land (Singur, Nandigram and lots of other which never got reported) to make the SEZs isn't very constitutional either.
    I suggest you go and read up about Communism and Democracy. And keep this in mind: Both of them may be good theoretical ideas, but the idea and how its practised in reality are never very similar. That doesn't mean its not practisable. But these ideas are only practisable in an equal society. And we are far far from that. Only when Gender, Class, Caste, Regional, Linguisitc differences are removed can there be either true democracy or true communism.
    Capitalism, on the other hand, depends on these differences for its very existence. In a very similar way to how colonialism exploited differences to get richer. By playing off one caste against another, one tribe against another, one religion against another. Capitalist countries still play complicated games at the global level. For example, they play off neighbouring countries against each other so that there is war. The richest countries are also the biggest arms producers. The countries have to buy arms from these capitalist countries to carry out the war, and get steeped in debt. In return for reducing the debt, the poor coutnry has to promise the rich country that they will allow them to build an army base there. The UN Security Council will not prevent this war, because the G8 countries who constitute the UNSC are also the worlds' biggest arms dealers. Once the war is over, big construction companies will swoop into the markets to rebuild all the destroyed infrastructure. The inflation rate will sky rocket, poverty will increase manifold, and foreign companies will descend like hawks to extract cheap labour. And because they are starving, anyone who protests against terrible working conditions will be easily replaced by another worker because a job in such conditions is precious, and there's a family to feed. In the factories, they will play off workers against each other so that they can never unite and demand their rights.

  17. "The enormous interference of the state in our lives has led to a situation where governments are blamed for all kinds of problems ; governance as such is being questioned. Representatives and representation are having a hard time. Weakened to the extreme, the strategy adopted by governments to counter such a threat to their existence is to create an entity so mysterious, perfidious, hideous, omnipotent and obscure that people call for the state to intervene and protect them. This entity is terrorism. The state, then, takes upon itself to stage the spectacle of defence against the terrorist monster, and in the name of this 'holy mission' it extracts from the people a further portion of their manoeuvrability by reinforcing police control of the entire population.
    All these organisations are used to make the whole population, which is struggling against the governments, believe that it has at least an enemy in common with the government, from which the government defends it on condition that it is no longer called into question by anyone."

  18. @ trottersky ( naina!! right ?? )
    i agree in the two of the above points wat u stated..
    1) many evils are created by the victoms itself ( hitler by france and uk, bhindranwale by indira, osama by cia)
    2) peaceful negiotations is what that will lead to final solution..
    however Terrorism cannot be tolerated. people's voice has to be heard off, but its not true every demand the people make is legitimate.. and to kill innocents for making that voice heard is the worst thing they can think off... when u get a severe headache even the best of the doctors will prescribe a painkiller first and then make u undergo the tests..
    and ur comment of terrorist gaining symphathy by them getting killed is the most unbelievable.. do u want the army forces in kashmir and North east to return back.. do u think all the blood they have lost for the country fighting the terrorism is worth less..
    the case of kasab is going on and most probable it will end in his death penalty, until arundhati roy agains comes up again with a group of publicity greedy human rights ngos to stop his death penalty /9 like the case of Afzal guru )or another palne is hijacked to free him ( omar seikh financer 9/11 and daniel pearl murder, masood azhar founder jaish.. both captured in 1994 and then had to be released in 1999 ).. and in both this cases we would have surely made a mockery of all the martyrs of 26/11.. surely if they would have known that letting the terrorist bomb the whole place and then letting them go alive would not inspire more people to do such terror acts in future, then they would have pretty sit back home and njoi the day with their families..
    its not that indian government has not done things to hear the people's will.... indian democracy has been great in allowing traitors like communist party ( the ones who not only openly support china but also made strikes in ammunition factory during india china war ) to fight elections and have a say in policy making.. even hurriyat has been always invited to fight election however they never had the guts to stand. and when they take the violent means they need to be answered... and whose voice are the indian government to hear when they find a pakistani killing people ruthlessly in india...
    when u are talking about democracy u need to talk about both rights and duties.. do u think we indians are capable enough of njoing full democracy when we would not care to close a public water tap which is running open... if democracy has to be njoid as i said ago a right attitude and maturity in the citizens must be there... and if that is the case laws like POTA will not be misused by the state of police..this reminds me of a dialogue from RDB.. no system is perfect the citizens have to make it...
    coming on the issue of SEZ.. again u can say that nandigram and singur was a disaster but u also need to see that in Gujarat these sez have been a great success. without any protest the people have given their lands and they have got the benefits either by getting jobs or trickle down effect.. so again blaming the rich and the state favoring them is not valid.. and also about Modi's facist remarks i guess u now better which is the safest state in india to live in where girls roam around fearlessly till late nights in navratri, other places even boys dont dare move out after 10 in night...
    also i guess that AG ( anish garg!! right ?? )never meant that china was communal.. it was just a typos..and u should have got that.
    and finally what i think for some of the comment is that u are a person who actually wants no government or i guess u want urself to be government... sorry but we cant help u out in this matter...
    and lastly i want to state again.. for me THE COUNTRY WILL ALWAYS STAND AHEAD OF AN INDIVIDUAL...

  19. Hey ! on reading ur blog , I instantly agreed with u .. ive been frustrated wid Ajmal Kasab's trial too .. Let all reason go to the wind .. and im really sleepy right now so i wudnt want to weigh the pros n cons on this at the mo ... lol .. continue writing n writing well