Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Blog From Room 272

Hey Friends... Hope u are in the best of your health and times..

This thing blogging had fascinated my through long however never actually got that push to make one of my own. May be i can say as the saying goes, " Hardest thing to do is to begin." So finally don't know why it has to be today but yes i have made a blog of my own.

I had always wanted to share a lot of things of my life. Techfest made this urge bigger with a learning a new thing everyday and facing odds every moment. I guess you will see most of things either related to Navrachana, IIT Bombay or Techfest here. After all these are there best things that have ever happened in my life.

However I right now realize that these days my life is full of submissions, projects, assignments and test. And the three things I mentioned surely requires or i may say deserves lot more time to talk about. So for this first blog of mine I will like to just stop after giving a brief introduction of myself.

I guess most of you reading this would be knowing me. Still for those who don't this is Vaibhav Desai here. Born at 00:05 hours of 14th September 1987 to Hema Desai and Bankim Desai, I spent my childhood at Vadodara. My whole schooling was in Navrachana, one of the most prestigious and reputed school in Gujarat, which was the first best thing which ever happened to me. And I really thank my mom and dad for sending me to Navarachana. Then it was just a mere chance that I sat through JEE 2006 and landed at this wonderland IIT Bombay taking up Civil Engineering Btech as my major. The Second best thing of my life. I joined the Techfest family in early March of 2008 and experienced the third best thing of my life.

As of today my manager year of Techfest is over however the things i gained from these three things i went through are still there shaping my life and making life enjoyable. Living in this small room 272 in Hostel 3 of IIT Bombay whose dimensions extend to infinty right now i am eager for my 6th semester to get over.

Finally before finishing my first blog which i thought would be small ( I never had idea i would be able to write so much of English at one strecth ) I want you to know that one thing most important in my life is my love of laughter. i love to laugh. There is a child in my which is always upto some mischeif. He wishes to see the whole world in a smiple peaceful and happy manner. I wish to spend whole my life submitting to the demands of this child in me.

Bye friends. Keep visiting this blog. The next of the blog will be coming up soon.


  1. yo pop tates! letter style likha hai, best of health, bye etc... :P

    just a suggestion: use spell check, wud remove the typos

    keep writing...techfest khatam hone ka asar dikh raha hai, pahle wing trt ke liye infi fight, then blog, what next?

    and remove the word verification thing for posting comments

  2. yeah new to blog so not that much idea about how to write a good one..

    btw thanks for the comments.. and yeah after techfest in fact techfest itself has given a zeal to do lot of new things.

    about the spellings, now there as typical as i am for my english is unbeatable.. though will try not to make mistakes.. :)

  3. lol.... that was cute!! truely heartfelt!
    :) and MY GOD! Vaibhav u ve gotta improve on your english! heheeeheheh.... (btw...ill giv tutions for 4 chocolates an hour ):P
    keep writin waise... this was fun reading!

  4. bolg padh padh ke yeh toh hona hi tha

    hey, all of u saying he has to improve on his english, well he has already come a long way, he has already improved...:P

    aur haan bas apni jyada badi chadi philosophy mat jhadio....baaki chalega....happy blogging!!!