Thursday, September 24, 2009

WE 22

This post has been long awaited, but it really needs an occasion to be out.

There have been hours, days and months before we all have met again. May be I can say we fear to be there again. We first met some one and a half year ago. We were so na├»ve, so immature. We didn’t knew what all this thing meant in our life, but somewhere in us was that desired dream we wanted to fulfill though we had never realized it before. And then there was this leader. He was neither an Alexander nor a Hitler. He was not born of his ambition. He was truly a simple man. A man who wanted his peers and subordinates to be happy and he strived hard for it.

Today when we all meet I don’t know why we become so emotional. May be I guess I have never been so emotional ever in my life, but I can feel that the best part of my life I had was here. We where each striving hard, hard to fulfill his own selfish dreams, but somewhere in that fight was entangled dream of our team mate and we where considerate enough that he was one not to be left alone. This was first time in our life we got a big opportunity, we had the support, we had the people, we had the budget all we had to think was for a better future, a bigger dream and an apt way to achieve it.

Under that apt guidance and the perfect team support we strived hard, and it actually does not matter how January went by, we knew that in February there was a satisfaction in all, the commander as well as the soldiers. We had delivered something, something which we don’t know how the world would judge but something we know the team of 22 was sure to appreciate. Man suffers from the greatest weakness that he wants more but this was something that we achieved that we know was the result of our continuous hard work, and even though there was scope of more we would never crib of that.

I had always cribbed for a better team spirit, but can there be a better team than one who cares for other’s dream? Months later down the lane I realize how wrong I am and how much connected we are, not in our thoughts but in those 9 months we shared and the effect that it has in our future life.

Yes we achieved it, we achieved our dreams, and we left a mark with Prayaas, iNexus, solar robotics, grandest Exhibitions, grand infra and multiple Techx and a fest as a whole. And though there are still people around us to curse us I don’t believe that it can move or hurt us till WE 22 believes in each other.

I guess this is the biggest learning and experience I got from those months of my life when someone achieved so much either academically or co curricularly. And the biggest satisfaction I have today is neither me nor any of my team member regrets doing it.

We are those 22, we where those 22 and we will be those 22. We are TEAM TECHFEST 2K9.


  1. beautiful words my friend... i coudint have put it in any better...we 22 will never change....tf2k9 rocks...\m/ \m/

  2. I just wnt to thank destiny for having landed me into this AWESOME team of 21 others, who believed in themselves, and achieved wat WE wanted to, and along the way taught me so much about life!!

  3. as reddy and dul always say.. \m/ :)

  4. the memorable page

  5. we never deserved what we are right now without techfest...!!
    (We 22) is a team and Techfest is a family!!
    and as reddy,dul and now prady says....\m/\m/

  6. Techfest is a school, an experience, an emotion and an integral part of our lives... i cant imagine my iit life with out tf... and 21 awesome team mates.... truly a team of heroes and an amazing OC to head it....

    and as i always say \m/


  7. superbly written.... :D truly got ur feelings out... amazing blog.. seems like uve had a helluva gud time ... :D